Bright and Beautiful LED Hoops in High Quality HDPE or UV Polypro

The Original Emotive LED

(responds to the hooper at the speed of light, like no other hoop)

Emotive Morphing
Emotive Morphing

"The Emotive" LED - Beat Reactive hoop

Hoopy Froods first ever Beat Reactive Hoop that responds to your hoop dance with bursts of intese Emotive color!! Come with 3.7v Liion Battery and wall charger.



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Long Lasting Brite Solid Color LED Hoops

Festival Killer LED Hoop


LED Nuke (Solid Green LED)

Nukes come with a Liion 3.7 V Battery recharable battery and wall unit.

Extra batteries available at check out 

(Two Nukes shown above, sold individually)


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All About Our Tubing

HDPE 3/4" OD - as thin as your standard polypro!

We use the latest high quilty 3/4" OD (about the size of your index finger)  HDPE available. Thin and sleek like polypro but with all the benifits of HDPE. Simply Amazing, We Love It!!

UV Reactive PolyPro

We use only the best quality 3/4 od Polyprothelene (random co-polymer which is more resistant to cracking then other polypro) tubing for our LED hoops. It will also glow a rich opaque blue in black light, which we think is pretty cool alone. All of our hoops are perfectly balanced light weight and have flush connections that open with push button connectors for travel and to easily swap batteries and still use your hoop while charging a battery!

UV Glow Pro Tubing in Natural Light
UV Glow Pro Tubing in Natural Light
UV Glow Pro Tubing in UV blacklight
UV Glow Pro Tubing in UV blacklight