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    Jonathan Andres (Saturday, 16 September 2017 16:57)

    I ordered a lord frith wand and wondered if there was a chance of getting it by 9/22 as I am going on vacation and would like to take it with me. I realize you are in Florida and that may not be possible.

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    Carter w (Wednesday, 13 September 2017 14:13)

    Hey there. I ordered a levi wand and hasn't seen the shipping info on here. Do wands ship the same way as hoops? Is upgraded shipping still available after I've put in a separate order, and is it still 22.50? Please reply at

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    Arron (Monday, 21 August 2017 07:06)

    Dear HoopY & FrooD:

    My name is Arron Lin, a levistick player from Taiwan.
    Recently, I saw your Crystalline Entity, and it's amazing and gorgeous.
    I shared this information on my Facebook, and so many players in Taiwan asked this levistick.

    So,is there any possibility that we have some special discount if the levisticks we order are more than an number?

    Arron Lin

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    Leah (Saturday, 13 May 2017 21:09)

    Hi, i have been interested in buying a wand from you for a while, this would be my first wand and flow experience, I was interested in the lord frith but my only concern was the price? is there anything I could do besides one of the discount codes to help? thank you so much and I hope to purchase from you soon!

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    johanna van zoelen (Monday, 05 December 2016 02:57)

    Hi Hoopy,
    what is the best way to contact you. I had a problem with my order and I did email you on on 25/11 but have not heard back yet.

    Kind regards,


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    Michael Marchette (Tuesday, 05 July 2016 14:58)

    I recently purchased the crystalline entity wand last Wednesday. I was hoping to receive it before the weekend and was pleasantly surprised when I did. This was my first wand and I even had a little note from them, thank you for making my weekend perfect! This is the best wand I've seen :)

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    Jill Pergande (Thursday, 09 June 2016 10:08)

    Absolutely gorgeous and well made item. Not to mention the owner of the shop is so sweet and helpful! I needed the wand in less than four days and she got it here in under two. She included a handy tool, great packaging, and a wonderful and unique finger loop. The wand itself is strong, and gorgeous both day and night. I 100% recommend it, and I plan on buying more from her!
    Review: Crystalline Entity LED Wand

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    Nico (Thursday, 09 June 2016 10:05)

    absolutely beautiful and well made!! I love it!
    Review: oh, mesmerizing unicorn levitation wand

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    Wieneke Hallsman (Thursday, 09 June 2016 10:03)

    It's An amazing wand!! Well balanced en has A variety of light possibility's. The service is superfast en the communication was awsome!! If you are looking for A cheap Well made wand This one!!thanks HoopY Frood!
    Review: Crystalline Entity LED Wand

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    Melanie Streekstra (Thursday, 09 June 2016 10:00)

    Wow this wand is beautiful and I love the colors in the day and at night.
    Review: Lord Frith LED Wand

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    Mish Rodin (Thursday, 09 June 2016 09:58)

    Amazing balance, HoopY is probably one of the sweetest people on earth <3
    Review: Crystalline Entity LED Wand

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    Kristen Davis (Thursday, 09 June 2016 09:56)

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! The weight and balance let it move so well, and the balance is still great when lit. Great craftsmanship.
    Review: Fire Wand

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    frandog churchy (Thursday, 09 June 2016 09:53)

    I received my levitation wand much earlier than I expected and packaged beautifully. This is my very first wand from this shop and I'm in love with the quality. The finger loop and string are in perfect condition, I was concerned that for myself being very short that the wand would be too long but apon receiving and flowing with it, it's a perfect fit. I can't thank hoopy enough for the wonderful craftsmanship that goes into making the products, I ordered the wand in 'oh mesmerizing unicorn' and I have to say it's a stunning color. Under flash the wand glows as if it's LED and I really appreciate that for night flowing and recording. Thank you again Hoopy, I'll be ordering again soon. ^_^

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    Nikolas J (Thursday, 05 May 2016 21:07)

    I am new to wands, staves, and hooping and I just bought my first pair of fire wands from Hoopy. The wands are made from quality materials and each is perfectly balanced for the best flow experience possible. I also got a chance to see the workshop and the craftsmen put a ton of effort into their work; they're talented, and accommodating, as was Hoopy herself who answered any questions I had about products and flow arts while also demonstrating wand technique and instructions for fire wand use!

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    Jewel B (Sunday, 24 January 2016 11:21)

    I own four of Hoopy's wands, the reflective practice wands, a Drogo wand, and the Crystalline entity. I absolutely LOVE them and use the latter two for day/night performance. The UV reactive wraps on the LED wands are insanely beautiful and draw so much attention whether I'm wanding at the beach, open mic nights, or just in a field outside. These are the most portable flow toys I own and I cannot express enough how high quality they are.

    Thank you Hoopy!!

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    Ivy (Monday, 02 November 2015 10:41)

    Hoopy is such a wonderful seller and her wands are top notch! I am always getting compliments on my dreamy crystalline wand, and I love it so much. Great balance, great design.
    But what has been truly noteworthy to me is her quality of service and personalized attention. When my new wand arrived broken due to handlers abuse, she handled it all and rushed me a new one. She worked with me on shipping to me in new places as I travelled cross country. When I broke my wand at a later date she fixed it asap and texted me requested details about a wand quiver (get one you will love it) so I could get them shipped together. She even rush shipped the repaired wand and quiver to me so I could get it before I kept travelling to a new locale. She even made sure all the pieces of my wand and quiver were vegan!
    Honestly, I could not imagine a more patient helpful seller who would work with me through my weird circumstances. So much appreciation!! Hoopy is Awesome. A+++

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    Brandi (Tuesday, 19 November 2013 21:22)

    Hoopy Frood Hoops are AMAZING!!! I have been buying hoops from Hoopy Frood for over a year now and every single hoop seems to be my 'favorite'. Not only is the quality of Hoopy Frood hoops excellent, but the customer service is the absolute best I have ever experienced. My 1 and only hoop supplier forever! I <3 Hoopy Frood Hoops!!!

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    KFB (Wednesday, 06 November 2013 22:50)

    Hoopy Frood Hoops are SUPER awesome! As a male that hoops I have put my green LED hoop from Hoopy Frood to the ends of 10 hour hooping sessions and back. I've dropped, flung and whipped it over and over and it still works like the first day I got it. The LEDs are super bright! Everyone knows it's me when I have my hoop around. A++++++++ for Hoopy Frood!

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    Lera (Tuesday, 05 November 2013 19:51)

    Hoopy Frood is my #1 supplier for all of my hooping needs! She makes the most beautiful daytime hoops that sparkle when they hit the sun just right. :) They are perfectly weighted and she even customizes the right size for you! She is also very helpful if you want a custom hoop (any tapes, any size, any tubing), and she will also repair or re-tape hoops if need be!

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    Caroline Thom (Saturday, 02 November 2013 14:43)

    A new batch of explosively expressive, "Emotive" LED hoops are now available in Hybrid hoop color shifting tapes so they look cool in the day and amazing at night and with all around uv grips they are so easy to use and still so light & balanced.